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MO workings

May 18, 2010

Black, black keys, white dots. More later.


Civil Coalition

May 13, 2010

With a nod to Cleggameron. M and myself have been co-labbers for a while now. For Pellicci’s, a Fan Sign. Complete with inlay by me and painterleen by Poor Martha. Here is an action shot, unstaged and interesting.

“The Devil knows how to row”

May 13, 2010

When I went mad by splinters and having only two arms and cold, Dad helped and was extremely good at my ideas, better than me but the same when it came to angles. Title by Coleridge – in honour of the brief but productive time spent on the Quantocks last weekend.

Pieces of pieces of wood. Didn’t know exactly what I’d be doing at this point. Making it vertical was a start. Had to build inside because the wood would warp (!) if exposed to heat etc. This was the 2d of lame.

Note. The tiles! Each diagonal stay is met flush to the side of the vertical legs, the next diagonal on each side is then butted at a right angle to the edge of the previous. Makes sense as regular ascension up the tower that can be matched and mirrored on each side, satisfying. Butterfly joints.

Took it outside, broke the rules. Is now solid. Will photograph properly when all the structured lattice work is complete. Note! All the colours of green.

How To Build Your Own Living Structures OR what I’ve been doing with my day

May 3, 2010

Making surfaces (above), thinking about universal joints (bottom), reading up about Ken Isaacs and his Living Structures

Above and below

“The modular design of the microhouse is based on stacked tetrahedrons, which can be moved in and around each other providing shelter and dividing living space in a creative way. (…) Isaacs covers the philosophical meanings of surplus and uses the designs as a means of addressing life as whole; a simple place (…) that has a low impact on the surrounding natural environment.” VIA

More on this later. NB. upgraded from cocktail sticks

Bilby Towers

May 3, 2010

The assembling of early triangulation towers relied on materials to hand, the terrain and the hardiness of the men involved. Jasper Bilby developed a pre-fab/mechano kit for effective construction-deconstruction. Three men, Leg Men would be resonsible for each corner of the tower, each level or horizontal stay would be within reach of the stay below so that building was a matter of level at a time with no additional scaffold to support. Everything was specific to it’s purpose, tools with multiple uses, a-boards for sitting and standing and could fit into many niche’ of the tower, and custom joints. A tower inside a tower.

Purpose built truck beds.

Not to scale – models of cocktail and BBQ stick sorts, homage to Bilby.

Quality is questionable, any available light.


April 18, 2010

This Thursday for your audio delectation, a gig. Agog! at all the posters we have –







April 7, 2010

After thinking about it too much, have decided that mirroring looks best so I started again, made it bigger, stopped fussing with colours but continued reflecting/repeating rhomboids by hand so it doesn’t look psychotic digital. The elements are hand drawn so I didn’t want it to lose that aesthetic completely. For WapWapWah. Blah.


RHOMBOID (plural)

W.W.W – testers

March 31, 2010

Background colour from high resolution scan of ink washes – colour scheme from previous rocket delight-o’s. Top or bottom, top or bottom.

W.W.W.Wah Nails

March 30, 2010

Polly Philp has a window display at Wah Nails and there will be other eye sex inside to which I’m contributing this One. It is development of W.W.W and has been an absolute beast to put together. Much too-ing and throwing of mouses as isolated rhomboids from previous sketches are tesselated. It’s a symmetrical pattern but with each unit a different crop, the over all effect (I’m hoping) is a chaotic regularity that allows the viewer to see recognisable forms. Going with Philp’s theme of divination, I choose “aeromancy” – the art of fortune and fate from the clouds. Close-up ( background) –

W.W.W – Tenner

March 12, 2010

Waved at the ten hour mark as it flew by, sped on by Jackson C Frank earlier this eve. Here is it’s spawn –

Going for a cloud/nebula/space theme.

Printing tomorrow.