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Exchanges at the Frontier, and in Pret

December 3, 2009

Illuminating day. Breakfast was a bagel and creamcheese and blueberry jam (yes) with EMIP. Discussion topics covered: list making and Kenneth Gangemi (see below, from OLT); a “tired and emotional” Private Eye; scaring children with silence; synthesiser fantasies from Tomita.

Then, the Ever Wonderous Julia Bailey provided one with a ticket to the most excellent Wellcome Collection for Exchanges at the Frontier. This was preempted by an egg sandwich and white, “black americano”, where the Ever Resourceful Julia Bailey saved my dissertation from the festering pile of mumble it had become. Preliminary question and points of action –

How effective / What is the effectiveness … of a scientific theory communicated to a (scientifically uneducated audience?) when it is translated using either analogical / metaphorical language or a visual interpretation?

This allows several rational points that I can actually move forward on and bring together the contradictory, directionless statements, which is my first draft, into a dissertation. Worthy.

Research: News Broadcasts, documentaries, science journals, UBU, TED, YouTube etc and find examples of effective and non-effective communicative devices of scientific theory (not fact)

Also find examples of artists or illustrators that specifically work with theory. Think Klein Bottles vs. Mobius Strip. And beloved diagrams.

Also, popular texts: Of Space, Time and Other Things; A Brief History of Time; Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension.(supreme cover shows hypercube, below)

Talk by Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute. Completely credible (yes, that’s him). Absolutly believe in Aliens now. He was very funny and presented many excellent analogies for the people of lesser intellect. Like when asked why we havn’t been contacted yet : If you think of the universe as your ‘backyard’ and you don’t see a grizzly bear hanging out on your patio, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any bears in the rest of North America. I believe.

Interesting points, audience questions and quotes from names I couldn’t catch –

We’ve been looking, we’ve been listening and all we’ve heard is the sound of silence.

Silence is not significant.

What is the religious fallout of a break in The Silence?

All things must tell EMIP re: scaring children with silence. Radio show.

The listening dishes are beautiful. As is all scientific scaffold-related equipment. Worthy of it’s own post.

Good day.


The Whole Earth Catalog

October 9, 2009


The Whole Earth Catalog was a cultural phenomena – Founder Stewart Brand, in his 1968 CATALOG article wrote –

Standing with one foot firmly in the rugged individualism and back-to-the-land movements of the Sixties counterculture and the other in the nascent global community made possible by the Internet, the WHOLE EARTH CATALOG offered an integrated, complex, challenging, thought-provoking, and comprehensive worldview.

It’s content is mind bendingly good, with alot of books like the first How Things Work (just bought ’68 off t’interweb) getting exposure on it. The catalog’s contained up to date publication’s that, before the internet, was feared by The Left and Sneered at by the New Age for their technicalogical proclaimations and freedom of exchange in ideas and information. Apparantly.





The Good Provider EBAY has given me the whole set yeah.

Gerd Jansen

October 6, 2009

Gerd Jansen – ‘Ein Experiment Zur Ganzheit’ 1983/84


He has written many books which I am connecting to the Four Books on Measure (Durer) and not just ’cause they are both German. Instead there is the relationship between pure observation and recording as a means to understanding something. And also in creating the apparatus from a personal illustration that acts as it’s own hypothosis.

And now a bad google translation –

“The concept of measurement turns out to be the intersection of artistic and scientific strategies.”

From his book ‘Ein Experiment Zur Ganzheit‘, or An Experiment of Wholeness.

Here is a picture of him for posterity. I also like that piece behind him.


Another quality quote from our friends at Google Translate regarding The Institute of Pictorial Thinking (Institut für bildnerisches Denken) which Jansen and his wife set up to deal with what they thought lacked in the education of Art and Science –

“Pictorial thought is that on the basis of practical experience in the creative process itself. The idea the tension, rational between sensed intuitively and rationally. He though form seeking its proper form of clarity in artistic process. The complimentary nature of perception, thought and action requires that practical artistic actvity is not possible without theoretical discussion – No art without science, no science without art.”