The following is a rough bibliography for my dissertation, ever updating and amending –

  1. Six Easy Pieces, The Fundamentals of Physics Explained. By Richard P Feynman. Penguin
  2. Seen, Unseen. By Martin Kemp
  3. The scientific papers of James Clerk Maxwell, By James Clerk Maxwell, W. D. Niven
  4. Opticks: Or a Treatise of the Reflexions, Refractions, Inflexions and Colours of light.  Also Two Treatises of the Species and Magnitude of Curvilinear Figures. By Issac Newton
  5. Design as Science, The Life and Work of Will Burtin. By Roger Remington and Robert S.P. Fripp
  6. Will Burtin: Forgotten Master of Design. By Rick Poyner for Creative Review Magazine issue ???
  7. Cosmic View – Kes Boeke
  8. Printing Knowledge: Historical and Philosphical problems concerning the use of Art in Science. By Brian S. Baigrie. Published by The University of Toronto Press, 1996
  9. Pavlova’s Physics. By Jo Shapcott
  10. Harmonices Mundi Libri V. By Johannes Kepler, 1619
  11. The Devine Proportions. By Luca Pacioli, illustrated by Leonardo De Vinci
  12. Leonardo Da Vinci: Marvellous works of Nature and Man. By Martin Kemp. Published by JM Dent and Sons, 1989
  13. Finnegans Wake. By James Joyce.
  14. Utrusque Cosmi, Majoris scilicet et Minoris, Metaphysica, Physica, atque tenchnica Historia. By Robert Fludd
  15. Connect the Dots: Mapping the Seafloor and discovering the Mid-Ocean Ridge. By Marie Tharp, from Twelve Perspectives of the First Fifty Years 1949-1999. For Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia. Published by ???
  16. The Library of Congress (LOC) online archives, inc. Manuscripts division; Prints and Photographs division.
  17. Visigothic-Mozarabic Bible of St Isidore
  18. Art and Science, Medicine, Technology Timeline. From The History of Science, online archive.
  19. Opticks: Or a Treatise of the Reflexions, Refractions, Inflexions and Colours of light.  Also Two Treatises of the Species and Magnitude of Curvilinear Figures. By Issac Newton
  20. Micrographia. Or Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies made by Magnifying Glasses with Observations and Inquiries thereupon. by Robert Hooke, 1665
  21. Starry Messenger or Sidereus Nuncius, By Galileo, March 1610
  22. The Rare Book Room. Online archive
  23. At the Drawing Board. Article for the New York Times by Donald G. Mcneil Jr 27.07.08.
  24. The National Space Foundation. Online Archive,
  25. The Mysterious Cough, Caught on Film. Article for The New York Times by Denise Grady, 27.10.08
  26. Olt. By Kenneth Gangemi
  27. Geometry, relativity, and the fourth dimension. By Rudy von Bitter Rucke
  28. Of Time and Space and Other Things. By Issac Asimov
  29. A Brief History of Time. By Stephen Hawkings
  30. Strange and Charmed – Science and the Contemporary Visual Arts. Edited by Sian Ede for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Published by ???
  31. Bully for Brontosaurus: Reflections in Natural History. By Stephen Jay Gould. Published by Norton, 1991
  32. The Whole Earth Catalog. By
  33. Real Time. By Ed Rosenfield and John Brockman
  34. Four Books on Measurement. By Albrect Durer
  35. TED Talks.
  36. The Way Things Work. Pubkished by Simon and Schuster
  37. Relativity for the Layman. By James A. Coleman. Pelican Books
  38. Realm of Measure. By Issac Asimov. Fawcett Publications Inc.
  39. Utopia and Oblivion. By Buckminster Fuller
  40. Your Own Private Sky. By Buckminster Fuller
  41. In Our Time. Radio programs by Melvyn Bragg. For BBC Radio 4.

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