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Square America

October 21, 2009

I’m starting a new category. Called MOON.

Here are some beautiful tele-pictures of the moon landings from the vintage photo-graphic supreme – Square America.





100 De Beauvoir Road

October 20, 2009

Helped Ian Wright today. More on that later. Image courtesy of the lovely Roderick Mills. Nice, nice man.


The girl weilding the glue gun is Chloe Bryon, she’s a Brighton equivlent of me, except she has done more incredible good things like go to New York for 5 weeks, interview the likes of Milton Glaser and Michael Beirut under her joint student research forum, The Transatlantic Design Company. God Damn.

Saturnin Dax

October 19, 2009

Was thinking about editions and a sort of publishers identity I could adopt as a club when I found these copies of The Mystery Book Guild. Have unconciously decided to do a wrap around cover (a la Stephen Russ) and am loving the diamond+illustration on negative/positive. Colours are also excellent as is the Gibbet. The one copy I havn’t included is called ‘The Frightened Bride’, and the Commisionaire is called Saturnin Dax. Most, most excellent.





I will shamelessly take such persuasive genius for my own ends.

First Screens O’Club Book

October 19, 2009

No time to write formal so these are the most successful – click through for all other variations on the themes yo.


Positive up! Negative down!



I know it’s basic, but I wasn’t trying anything fancy, and I tried to simplify the first screen experiments as much as possible. Though I can see how easy it will be to get carried away. The top-top-top most image is my favourite – the plan is t0 do all the colours of the rainbow. Off setting worked nicely in the negative image also. I think a completely new, less primary palatte will be a development to suit the negative versions. Tony the Technician was really great. But he wouldn’t let me take a photo. He did tell me about the time he ‘got exposed’ on the emulsion UV box though. (more…)

Strange and Charmed

October 19, 2009

Strange and Charmed – Science and the Contemporary Visual Arts by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation* –

Thinking and visualising are not mutually exclusive activities and the term ‘visual thinking’ has been coined to represent a mode of perception and understanding which is quintessentially beyond logic and words. The significance and weight of ‘visual thought’ can be gauged by the number of instances in science where a set of images derived from the world of sense perception has been replaced by ‘artificial’ visual images, and even more so by models, which go on to generate their own reality. Thus geological maps, at a macroscopic level, and models of the atom, at the opposite end of the scale, have come to exert extraordinary explanatory power precisely because they are easier to deal with than nature itself. Some might even claim that visual thinking is the most important form of understanding, so that science’s crowning achievement – the formulation of explanatory theories – becomes an exercise far more akin to the process of making a picture than formulating a sentence with rational language.

More on this later. Have just ordered ‘Seen, Unseen’ by Martin Kemp, and ‘Of Time and Space and Other Things’ by Isaac Asimov. Who I just googled and looksie for I found-


This is him, on his throne of Sci-Fi Glory. AND this – (no big deal)

irobot*Julia Bailey is supreme.

Paper Cinema

October 14, 2009


Nic Beard came in to speak about The Paper Cinema and to show us his moleskine’s I think. Very interested in his processes and projections – specifically the multi-layered dimensions he can achieve. Illustration’s are also excellent.

Have me-mailed him to propose some magic lantern collaboration effect thing whilst he has residency at the BAC, which sound positive. More when I’ve thought about it and been to see him (beginning of Nov. preliminarily)

He actually has a beard, meant to ask him if it was a self-fulfilling prophecy or whether he changed his name but instead we talked about Judge Dread and Batman.


Seagul Library

October 13, 2009



Most excelllent spine to this Collins Seagul Library edition. Is the first illustrative spine, where the publishers mark is decoratively encorperated. Good colours, fine beard, lovely seaguls.

“Why not?” cont.

October 13, 2009





Yes, why not? Scanned in, messed around on photoshop. I have big ideas for this. T’will be a two colour screen print in my first poster ‘wave’ rave. If people think they’re joing the Med, it can only be a good thing, and won’t they be fulfilled when I give them Plath instead of a Pina Colada?

Standing Ovation

October 13, 2009

Bernard Gigounon. Rain has never been the same. Extremely witty, multilayered and somehow feels like a problem solved when you watch it. All sublime goodness.

Club Tropicana

October 12, 2009

clubtropicanaWhy not? Playing with photocopies and a scalpel. May give the wrong impression about what kind of club it is but if it gets people to join… Meh.