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Black and White – Club Book Logo, cont.

February 2, 2010

Variations of a monotone theme. Dodgy illustrator skills, will draw by hand if I have time.

Top one is the least eye-fuck. Will probably invert. Also works well as a singular unit, as per Darryls instruction.



January 21, 2010

Printing Friday.

More Club Book

January 20, 2010

Following on from poster-come-book cover concept, new designs for final screens –

etc etc

Screen Tests

January 19, 2010

Above is the completed test, four colour mother but the paler steel-grey didn’t register because the bloody photocopy somehow minimised without asking me. Below is what it should look like (minus the crucial detail that is the point of the design). Boo. New print under way, 3 colour, twice as big.

Concept Poster

December 7, 2009

Book cover/poster/wrapping paper?/took too long and the middle isn’t in the middle. Still don’t know how to cut and slice or whatever. McWank.

Club Book Pattern Cont.

December 4, 2009

Pattern number TWO unit –

Tesselated –

And so on –

And so forth –

More to come. Will do a whole sheet, seperate into layers than print like a peach. Dunno ’bout the dark grey. Screen will dictate ourcome depending on how thin it is, maybe it would be nice with four colours. FRESH

Club Book Patterns etc.

December 4, 2009

Oh hello, can use illustrator. No big deal. This is the unit –

This is practice pattern –

The design is eventually going to be printed onto covers, the title of which I plan to place in a sort of diamond shape in the middle (yes, like the mystery book club editions.) So the following testers are to see how I can repeat pattern around a ninety degree bend. Also, I will screen print these, 3 colour and sell them as wrapping paper at next weeks christmas sale. Think green and red – FESTIVE**




Club Book Identity

December 4, 2009

The initial sketches for the Club Book identity can be found by clicking through pattern number ONE. I like this one because it looks a like a star burst or light, or as I really think of it – knowledge and adventure and love and murder and all other typical genre’s bursting out of the book spine in a stylish and coincidently easily tessalate-able fashion. Really really really no.


Small Publishers

December 1, 2009

Looked after the wares of Nervous Stephen mid-November sometime for the Small Publishers Book Fair. He had a wonderful selection of stamped and printed whats’its. Also visited his cave-come-studio. A magical place full of all that is good and great and ephemeral and all sat within a lovely palatte. Even the sink was brill. He gave me some bits and bobs that included some vundervall clubcards with a perferated centre and duckegg blue backing. Goodness.

Saturnin Dax

October 19, 2009

Was thinking about editions and a sort of publishers identity I could adopt as a club when I found these copies of The Mystery Book Guild. Have unconciously decided to do a wrap around cover (a la Stephen Russ) and am loving the diamond+illustration on negative/positive. Colours are also excellent as is the Gibbet. The one copy I havn’t included is called ‘The Frightened Bride’, and the Commisionaire is called Saturnin Dax. Most, most excellent.





I will shamelessly take such persuasive genius for my own ends.