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April 7, 2010

After thinking about it too much, have decided that mirroring looks best so I started again, made it bigger, stopped fussing with colours but continued reflecting/repeating rhomboids by hand so it doesn’t look psychotic digital. The elements are hand drawn so I didn’t want it to lose that aesthetic completely. For WapWapWah. Blah.


RHOMBOID (plural)


W.W.W.Wah Nails

March 30, 2010

Polly Philp has a window display at Wah Nails and there will be other eye sex inside to which I’m contributing this One. It is development of W.W.W and has been an absolute beast to put together. Much too-ing and throwing of mouses as isolated rhomboids from previous sketches are tesselated. It’s a symmetrical pattern but with each unit a different crop, the over all effect (I’m hoping) is a chaotic regularity that allows the viewer to see recognisable forms. Going with Philp’s theme of divination, I choose “aeromancy” – the art of fortune and fate from the clouds. Close-up ( background) –

Institute Zine

January 21, 2010

My contribution for bit of writing about flags and ownership particularly to do with Space (not space). For ICA young guns Institute.

If You Could… use a really small saw

January 20, 2010

Helped out show build for If You Could collaborate – this mostly involved using tiny jewelery saws to dislocate laser cut ply words (pictured is Craig Ward‘s contribution). Other then that, all s’well. Good show, good men.

Mostly Coney Natural History Island.

December 6, 2009

Really didn’t take that many photos in NY, the ones I did are more often then not, scaffold-related. Or just unrecognisably NY.

Strand Books. 18 miles of written joy. Apart from the Conflict History section. Below are reference images of Coney Island for scaffold project at later date. Very good day. Beer and a slice on the beach, sand castles and a local with a jesus tattoo that spent the most of the time with his top off talking about the unfortunate woman who was attacked by a monkey and who’s face “looked like a fucking stomach”.

The stage door was open to this theartre that will be showing Spiderman The Musical. The posters boast that lyrics written by Bono and The Edge. Was fascinated by the size of the stage (bigger than the auditorium, bottom left) – wires hanging down for lights and scaffold levels exposed. Beautiful. Now for some Natural History relief –

MASSIVE, bigger then a fathom high. I drew this in the Hall of North American Mammals –

Exchanges at the Frontier, and in Pret

December 3, 2009

Illuminating day. Breakfast was a bagel and creamcheese and blueberry jam (yes) with EMIP. Discussion topics covered: list making and Kenneth Gangemi (see below, from OLT); a “tired and emotional” Private Eye; scaring children with silence; synthesiser fantasies from Tomita.

Then, the Ever Wonderous Julia Bailey provided one with a ticket to the most excellent Wellcome Collection for Exchanges at the Frontier. This was preempted by an egg sandwich and white, “black americano”, where the Ever Resourceful Julia Bailey saved my dissertation from the festering pile of mumble it had become. Preliminary question and points of action –

How effective / What is the effectiveness … of a scientific theory communicated to a (scientifically uneducated audience?) when it is translated using either analogical / metaphorical language or a visual interpretation?

This allows several rational points that I can actually move forward on and bring together the contradictory, directionless statements, which is my first draft, into a dissertation. Worthy.

Research: News Broadcasts, documentaries, science journals, UBU, TED, YouTube etc and find examples of effective and non-effective communicative devices of scientific theory (not fact)

Also find examples of artists or illustrators that specifically work with theory. Think Klein Bottles vs. Mobius Strip. And beloved diagrams.

Also, popular texts: Of Space, Time and Other Things; A Brief History of Time; Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension.(supreme cover shows hypercube, below)

Talk by Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute. Completely credible (yes, that’s him). Absolutly believe in Aliens now. He was very funny and presented many excellent analogies for the people of lesser intellect. Like when asked why we havn’t been contacted yet : If you think of the universe as your ‘backyard’ and you don’t see a grizzly bear hanging out on your patio, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any bears in the rest of North America. I believe.

Interesting points, audience questions and quotes from names I couldn’t catch –

We’ve been looking, we’ve been listening and all we’ve heard is the sound of silence.

Silence is not significant.

What is the religious fallout of a break in The Silence?

All things must tell EMIP re: scaring children with silence. Radio show.

The listening dishes are beautiful. As is all scientific scaffold-related equipment. Worthy of it’s own post.

Good day.

Realm of Fathom

December 3, 2009

Acquired numerous books in NY, most non-fiction. Exceptions being The Tanners by Robert Walser. This is now in possession of one Edward Maxwell Ironside Parkinson. Want to talk particularly about Isaac Asimov (again) but this time about a book, bought in a shop right underneath Manhattan bridge, Dumbo, Brooklyn, called Realm of Measure. The specificness of the location is only because I can’t remember the name of said shop and I’ll probably need to find it again in the future so. Anywhoop. Realm of Measure is a concise and amusing history of measure. Fascinating to trace civilisation and the growth of community and eventual society through the establishment of a collective unit of measure.This is a picture of the copy + Of Time, Space and Other Things of previous post fame.

My favourite unit of measurement is a Fathom. Which is the length between outstretched finger tips. The word is derived from an anglo-saxon word for ’embrace’, which is generally considered to be what you do with all your arms unless it is a particularly awkward hug. It is understood that a fathom is 6 feet in length and is used to refer to depth of water. For example – when Shakespeare said – Full fathom five thy father lies. He implies drowning in 30 feet of water.

I am exactly one fathom high. You can’t fathom a fathom.

Small Publishers

December 1, 2009

Looked after the wares of Nervous Stephen mid-November sometime for the Small Publishers Book Fair. He had a wonderful selection of stamped and printed whats’its. Also visited his cave-come-studio. A magical place full of all that is good and great and ephemeral and all sat within a lovely palatte. Even the sink was brill. He gave me some bits and bobs that included some vundervall clubcards with a perferated centre and duckegg blue backing. Goodness.

100 De Beauvoir Road

October 20, 2009

Helped Ian Wright today. More on that later. Image courtesy of the lovely Roderick Mills. Nice, nice man.


The girl weilding the glue gun is Chloe Bryon, she’s a Brighton equivlent of me, except she has done more incredible good things like go to New York for 5 weeks, interview the likes of Milton Glaser and Michael Beirut under her joint student research forum, The Transatlantic Design Company. God Damn.