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W.W.W – Colour [full circle]

March 31, 2010

Feels appropriate that adding colour is linking the last stage of this project back to it’s “launch”, that is to say, Rockets.

Detail –


“Boy, that’s a neat way to travel”

March 15, 2010

1min, 12 secs.

V.I. – Starry Messenger

December 6, 2009

Beautiful edition of Starry Messenger or Sidereus Nuncius, March 1610.

From the magic History of Science timeline, posted under the title Images of Revolutionary Discoveries Concerning the Universe. Words from the experts

The Sidereus Nuncius described and illustrated with copperplate engravings the first astronomical observations made through a telescope. Its images provided revolutionary new information about the universe…

…Sidereus Nuncius contained only the bare facts of Galileo’s observations without any overt reference to the controversial Copernican theory, yet it aroused sensation among the European learned community, for it provided the first hard evidence that the Aristotelian-Ptolemaic view of the universe contained inaccuracies.

Can see copy on Rare Book Room.

A Brief De-Brief of nothing

December 1, 2009

I lost touch with whatever it was I was doing.So I did some other things, like go to New York for two weeks.

Before I went I read the Life Magazine moon specials I found in a boot sale with 3 tables in the back end of Dungeness, did a few illustrations for some of the articles. Helped raise morale.

Caption reads:

Gloves must fit so accurately that they are constructed around plaster casts of astronaut’s hands, each bearing an astronauts name.

They’re are the most beautiful magazines I have ever seen. I will use them for something worthy in the future. I will.

Square America

October 21, 2009

I’m starting a new category. Called MOON.

Here are some beautiful tele-pictures of the moon landings from the vintage photo-graphic supreme – Square America.