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Rockets etc. New York

February 1, 2010

Nostalgic like, bit nauseous.

Top: No Rocket. Bottom: Rocket. Thanks to Liam.

More Coney, thanks Liam.

Above and Below: my decidedly less professional disposables.


Mostly Coney Natural History Island.

December 6, 2009

Really didn’t take that many photos in NY, the ones I did are more often then not, scaffold-related. Or just unrecognisably NY.

Strand Books. 18 miles of written joy. Apart from the Conflict History section. Below are reference images of Coney Island for scaffold project at later date. Very good day. Beer and a slice on the beach, sand castles and a local with a jesus tattoo that spent the most of the time with his top off talking about the unfortunate woman who was attacked by a monkey and who’s face “looked like a fucking stomach”.

The stage door was open to this theartre that will be showing Spiderman The Musical. The posters boast that lyrics written by Bono and The Edge. Was fascinated by the size of the stage (bigger than the auditorium, bottom left) – wires hanging down for lights and scaffold levels exposed. Beautiful. Now for some Natural History relief –

MASSIVE, bigger then a fathom high. I drew this in the Hall of North American Mammals –


December 2, 2009

Kiosk. Celebrates anonymous design and pleasantly familar yet forgotten fripperie. Grandmothers kitchen x foriegn 99p shop x I want it x I need it. Lovely lady in the shop gave me concise directions too. She printed a map and everything.

I bought this, and it is GOOD.

It’s a Security Bag. It also holds my laptop and three hefty books with grace. Also this, which will present my work even when my work is not presentable-

It’s an Audubon Bird Caller. Everyday I weep that I didn’t buy this.

I will make contact with these people if it’s the last thing I do. I’m pretty sure I was meant to work for them. Herald the Reference Library.