“The Devil knows how to row”

When I went mad by splinters and having only two arms and cold, Dad helped and was extremely good at my ideas, better than me but the same when it came to angles. Title by Coleridge – in honour of the brief but productive time spent on the Quantocks last weekend.

Pieces of pieces of wood. Didn’t know exactly what I’d be doing at this point. Making it vertical was a start. Had to build inside because the wood would warp (!) if exposed to heat etc. This was the 2d of lame.

Note. The tiles! Each diagonal stay is met flush to the side of the vertical legs, the next diagonal on each side is then butted at a right angle to the edge of the previous. Makes sense as regular ascension up the tower that can be matched and mirrored on each side, satisfying. Butterfly joints.

Took it outside, broke the rules. Is now solid. Will photograph properly when all the structured lattice work is complete. Note! All the colours of green.


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