The what is What, Radio EMIP

Now for something completely different. Structures and scaffolds, beacons (shudder) for speakings. My part for Radio EMIP, (boredom gardens) is to build the tower that the transmitter will proudly disturb local AM on.

Beginning with some reflex research. Topics covered: Fan Transmitters, early and effective, lines between two posts; Rigging, for ships and other Tall’s; construction by any means necessary; early triangulation and survey towers of North America; Leg Men; Jasper Bilby; meteorological surveying (mostly on ships with excellent rigging in the background); rockets; rocket towers; Geodesy – satellite triangulation, stations; large and bloody carcass’.; Tropiquaria, Watchet.

I hate that I’m too bloody tired to link all of these to their good sources. My lapse in respect for the archive ether has been noted and my conscience will be forfeit.


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