W.W.W. – Concept

The strong visual language associated with hand tinted photographs. Saturated and sometimes surreal, it’s an aesthetics that has popped up quite alot with the imagery Rose [W.W.W.] has provided. My contributions:

My particular way of working tends to be black and white, pointilised or rather, layered textures generated with the typical rotring often to photo-realistic and time-consuming end. The image above is essentially grayscale, hand tinted with limited colour and patchy application. It’s not the strongest example of false colouring, however the image has a distinct repepition and symmetry that I identified in W.W.W. and had some vague idea to reflect (pun).

Have found myself drawn to images that are naturally reflective. So, a wigwam! Excellent colours, psychedelic.

False colouring and naturally repetitive imagery. Keep coming back to a single image, clouds, as excellently displayed above.


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