Newness – W.W.W.

Cover art for band Wap Wap Wow.

Hello, quick update. Project is for aforementioned band – music is repetitive in the best sort of way. Vocals become instruments, layered, reflected in a call and receive choir and strings thing. Reasons for lame technical breakdown will become clear after I post a couple of images that I have been given or found as a response to the brief.

Above: Monty Python , provided by Rose (of Wap Wap Wow [w.w.w.] inception).Below: stills from Auguste Lumière (1862-1954) and Louis Lumière (1864-1948), Danse Serpentine

Early filmmakers loved dancers. I can’t locate the source of this film, but iterations of the Serpentine Dance were particular favorites of both Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers. Inspired by dancer Loie Fuller’s famed skirt dances, in which colored lights projected onto her billowing garments, this film (and others like it) was hand-tinted to achieve similar affects. Fuller’s solo was mesmerizing, and her copycat film subjects no less so.

Particularly interested in the hand colouring and symmetry of these examples. Surreal, seemingly random colour selection. Will come back to this idea of layering on colour as an enhancement and fantastical act. For now will draw parallel to the music with the multilayered repetition and its original form as a garage band demo that could constantly be added to and altered.


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