Real Time

New technologies = new perceptions

Reality is a man-made process. Our images of the universe, of ourselves, are, in part, the models resulting from our perceptions of the technologies that we generate as products. Seventeenth-century clockworks inspired mechanistic metaphors (“the heart is a pump”) just as twentieth-century developments in self-regulating engineering devices resulted in the cybernetic image (“the brain is a computer”). New metaphors constantly emerge and old ones fade. This is the “real” world, and it exists not in some fixed place or time but in the continuing process of describing that tell us who, what and where we are.

Quote taken from the introduction to the book Real Time, A catalogue of ideas and information. Written by Ed Rosenfield and John Brockman (important article on Edge). The Conciousness is like the internet. This book is like a premption to the explosion of the digital world, their concepts and style of cataloguing  are –

… a sensing and monitoring device, presenting a inter-disciplinary view of new models and metaphors of reality, as seen through our own perceptions and those individuals whose ideas and activities we include in this catalogue.

If there was no specific context, it could be a definition of The Web.



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