The Decameron Type

CLUB BOOK, is about to leave it’s comfortable home in my head. Here is what I proposed at the end of last year-

From the start of the autumn /Winter Term [weeks 1 – 10] I will start a book club. It will be a club designed for picture makers in particular, with reviews and critiques being visual rather than verbal. The first things to be done would be to create an identity, promotional tools and club ephemera [Zine, manifesto, book marks etc]. Most importantly though, would be the archive in which to house each members response. At this stage I see the archive taking the form of a Blog-type website, where each person can add their responses to others interpretations from the book. So part of this initial stage in the project will be research into archival websites to see what works best – also to investigate identities and an appropriate design for the club to take. For this I will look at publishing marks, spines and covers of books, as well as the identity that other book clubs and libraries take that make them identifiable.
Once the fundamental aspects of the group are established, I will start adding to it. I’ll probably focus on 3 books, though likely read more. I will try and make them cross-genre and include essays as well as novels and poetry. This is to try and get a more varied response from each member.
The format that the responses will take as I said will be visual. By this I mean any imagery made, collected, found is relevant. It can be objects and landscapes and even people. Each visual piece of Matter will be representation of each interpretation, like an item of clothing collected and photographed that I believe would belong to the protagonist, or a sketch of a profile that I think looked like the villain, etc.
The result by week 10 will be the foundation material for my 2 other projects that I will pick up on later in the year.

The highlighted bit seems an obvious place to start, and so does my book shelf. SO, the following images and consequential posts will be some limited sourcing s of books with a particular typographic feel that I can see a good referencing point in which to draw out an identity for my own book club. I like scanning books. Also, each batch of books will be vaguely themed. GO-




VAGUE THEME – Block colours, some text as a negative, monograms*,  central alignment, nice lined borders. Type is clean – particularly like the spine of Boccaccio Vol 1. *Monograms is an interesting concept, one that will give an immediate identity to anything I print. Will definatly be turning publisher at some point during this. Hello photocopier. Hello screen print.


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