Gerd Jansen

Gerd Jansen – ‘Ein Experiment Zur Ganzheit’ 1983/84


He has written many books which I am connecting to the Four Books on Measure (Durer) and not just ’cause they are both German. Instead there is the relationship between pure observation and recording as a means to understanding something. And also in creating the apparatus from a personal illustration that acts as it’s own hypothosis.

And now a bad google translation –

“The concept of measurement turns out to be the intersection of artistic and scientific strategies.”

From his book ‘Ein Experiment Zur Ganzheit‘, or An Experiment of Wholeness.

Here is a picture of him for posterity. I also like that piece behind him.


Another quality quote from our friends at Google Translate regarding The Institute of Pictorial Thinking (Institut für bildnerisches Denken) which Jansen and his wife set up to deal with what they thought lacked in the education of Art and Science –

“Pictorial thought is that on the basis of practical experience in the creative process itself. The idea the tension, rational between sensed intuitively and rationally. He though form seeking its proper form of clarity in artistic process. The complimentary nature of perception, thought and action requires that practical artistic actvity is not possible without theoretical discussion – No art without science, no science without art.”


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